APC Members Show 2016 // Submissions Due Nov 19!

Eligibility: All current members of the Alaska Photographic Center. Membership dues may be paid with print drop off.

Submission deadline: November 19, 11am to 1pm at Blaine’s Arts and Graphic Supply, 1025 Photo Avenue.

Opening Reception:
Friday December 2, 2016 5:00 – 7:00 PM
APU Carr Gottstein Academic Center
Leah J. Peterson Gallery

Download the full prospectus here, and be sure to print out the form to submit with your entry!


Entries: All photographs must be ready to hang with these submission requirements:

  1. Each member may submit one photograph.
  2. To ensure consistency, all two dimensional photographs must be matted in white or natural museum board and the frame, a simple, neutral colored metal or wood.. All photographs must be behind glass or Plexiglas and framing should cover all glass edges. Exceptions to this are photos printed on canvas or metal. Use wire on the back for hanging (no saw tooth type hanging devices or single hooks).
  3. Sales are encouraged. APU will take 30% of the sale.
  4. Due to space limitation, no pieces larger than 30 inches in the longest dimension.
  5. Identifying labels must be attached to the back of the artwork. Blank labels are at the end of this prospectus. Make triplicate copies: one for the back of the print, one to leave for us when you bring your print to Blaine’s, and one for your records.
  6. The artist must complete and sign the entry form, which is also at the end of this prospectus. Submit this with your photo.
  7. Be prepared to sign in at the Blaine’s drop off with your name, the title of the photograph, and the sales price. This is necessary for the signage and APU guidelines.

APC will not accept artwork that does not meet the above requirements.

Print Return

Pick up you submission at APU directly – on December 31st, 2016, between 12:00 and 1:00pm or pick up after December 31st, at Blaines during business hours. Please sign the sheet that says you have picked up your photographs. Please pick up prints within one week!!

Artists who do not pick up their hand-delivered work in a reasonable period of time (within one week) will not be eligible to enter in next year’s APC Members Exhibition.

Special Note

When selecting your piece, remember this is an area where there are small children using this facility, so choose your photograph with this in mind. If your piece does not meet the criteria, we will notify you and allow you to select another image. (e.g. nudity or other subject matter not suited for children).


While all entries will be handled with the greatest possible care, neither APC nor APU will be responsible for loss or damage to artwork submitted for this exhibition during the time it is in their possession.

BIO Page

Please submit a one page bio/information sheet about you and your work. You may include a photo of the piece in the show for viewers to connect who you are, and your website and contact information. We will display these bio sheets in a notebook at the show.