Virtual Photo Tuesday w/ Sarah Manriquez

Join us this next week for APC’s Photo Tuesday Virtual Artist Lecture by Sarah Manriquez, a Fairbanks-based photographer and filmmaker. An overarching theme that ties her work together is the resilience of the human spirit. Sarah explores the concept of resilience through collaborations in documentary-style fieldwork.

Many of Sarah’s works are a visual anthropological studies on themes in our contemporary society whether that be homelessness in the arctic or the objectification of women. Her artwork takes a critical view of social, political, and cultural issues. These themes often confront the viewer and urge them to consider other perspectives different from their own.Much of Sarah’s documentary work renegotiates photography into a force behind education and advocacy and acts as an agent of change rather than exclusively a tool to record history. Her most recent work explores homelessness in Alaska by documenting the life of Felicia Cavanaugh, a homeless woman who lived at the Fairbanks Rescue Mission and her journey outof homelessness.

Zoom Photo Tuesday link information:

Meeting ID: 824 9044 7859

Passcode: 396432