Virtual Photo Tuesday w/ Deborah Schildt

Please join us for our upcoming Virtual Photo Tuesday with artist Deborah Schildt on Tuesday, May 18th at 7pm:

The veil that separates an actor from the audience is known as the fourth wall. When that veil lifts, the audience no longer watches an actor in a set of imaginary circumstances, that “world” of make believe is suspended, reality takes the stage and truths are revealed.

Deborah Schildt’s career in the film industry spans 30 years and several continents. Working behind the scenes has given her a unique perspective on capturing story through image, motion, story and sound. Her experiences in the field have shaped her life storyboard. She’ll be sharing photographs and film clips in her presentation “Breaking the Fourth Wall – The stories behind the storyboards” on May 18th, at 7:00 pm as part of APC’s Virtual Artist lecture series. 

Link to Talk: