September Artist Talk: Lindsay Saunders

We’re excited to announce that Lindsay Saunders ( @lindsayinalaska ) of Two Rivers will be featured as our September Artist Talk and will be in a new hybrid format! You read that right, we’ll be returning to some in-person APC Artist Talks with our September meet-up – one that will be held in Fairbanks for the first time! Zoom options will still be available for out-of-towners, though!

Hailing from Two Rivers, Alaska, Lindsay Saunders is a visual storyteller whose passion for history, childhood, and fine art converge seamlessly in their captivating photographs. As a dedicated public history and art teacher at Ryan Middle School, their unique perspective is a testament to their commitment to education and creativity. Lindsay has been featured on the cover of Click Magazine and published by National Geographic. She is also the owner of Forest + Field Photography. Her photography seeks to capture the essence of innocence, curiosity, and the magic that defines early years. Through her lens, she seeks to evoke a shared sentimentality and nostalgia that transcends individual stories and resonates universally.

This talk is scheduled for September 20th at 7pm at UAF’s Murie Auditorium on West Ridge!