March 6, 2023

2023 Rarefied Light, Juror Lecture & Workshop

Rarefied Light 2023 call is open from March 6 until June 7th, 2023 at 10pm AST.

Please visit to enter your work!

JUROR LECTURE: Jennifer Spelman – 2023 Rarefied Light Juror
July 13th , 7pm on Zoom

Photographing Cuba: 50 Trips to a Complicated Paradise
In over 50 trips to Cuba Jennifer Spelman has been allowed to set complicated politics aside
and instead develop friendships.  Time spent with coconut farmers, ballerinas, fishermen and
musicians have shaped her understanding that to be Cuban is to laugh, love and live deeply. 
Road trips across the island in wheezing 56 Chevy’s have taught Jennifer that Cubans greet
adversity with ingenuity and patience.  She’s grateful to call some of Havana’s best
photographers and most dynamic storyteller’s dear friends.
In this evening lecture Jennifer will show a wide range of work and share stories about her time
in Cuba and how it has influenced the way she sees.  

Rarefied Light 2023 Workshop
Storytelling, Editing, and Sequencing a Photographic Project into a Contemporary Zine
July 14th 5:30-8:30; July 15th & 16th Times TBA

In this online weekend intensive, you will learn how to create a photo zine that tells a story or shares a portfolio of images through careful editing and sequencing of your images. Through a combination of lectures, group discussions, and focused examples we will explore the fundamentals of storytelling, image selection, and design principles, and gain practical skills in creating a zine from start to finish.

Topics covered in this course include:
– Understanding the elements of visual storytelling and how to apply them to your photographic zine
– Techniques for editing and sequencing your images to create a cohesive narrative
– Design principles for creating an effective layout and exciting visual hierarchy in your zine
– Exploration of different software platforms for creating a zine including Blurb, MagCloud,
SmartPress and InDesign
– Best practices for printing and binding your zine, including paper selection, print quality, and
binding methods
– Tips for promoting and distributing your zine to a wider audience

During the online course there will be a block of time dedicated to receiving personalized feedback on your own photographic project with guidance from Jennifer on selecting images, editing and sequencing them and an opportunity to share your concept with other students in the class.

By the end of this online course, you will have developed a deeper understanding of storytelling through photography and gained practical skills in editing, sequencing, and designing your own zine.  This course should leave you with a tangible plan towards showcasing your work in a new contemporary way as well as the knowledge and confidence to continue creating and sharing your photographic stories as zines in the future.

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