Photo Tuesday // Michael Walsh // Feb 21st 2017 7pm

APC is so excited to bring film artist Michael Walsh to our Photo Tuesday series, with his talk, Film is DEADly

Michael will be screening 3 short films and giving us some background on his process and practice.

Michael creates celluloid based experimental work – pulling from many mediums and techniques to promote appreciation and education for moving image craftsmanship.

“Making celluloid based experimental moving image work is not the smartest thing to do. You lose money. You have to wait for long periods of time to see your work projected. It’s bad for your back. The processing chemicals can damage your kidneys. So why do I still make celluloid based 16mm and 35mm film…because it’s FUN!

Strength and power in art today draw on the cross-fertilization of past and future and hybrid approaches to all art forms. Now, more than ever, I am is compelled to promote appreciation and education about moving image craftsmanship in innovative ways, from celluloid to digital, from the hand-processed and hand-made to the synthetic and evanescent.”