February 28, 2017

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Open Call for Photographers – Request to Help Local Non-Profit

From Mary Katzke:

Will you help us honor these brave people with your art? It’s hard to imagine the difficulty of facing a cancer diagnosis, then during a pandemic on top of it all. Just when you most need all your supporters near you, and you’re at your most vulnerable – you are taxed with multiple restrictions. Imagine having to get treatment Outside. Imagine awaiting surgery without your loved ones next to you. Everything is pushed up few notches.

We are the organization that created Alaskans in Pink a decade ago- we are now working on a similar exhibit inviting photographers to create portraits of cancer survivors facing treatment or recovery during a pandemic at the same time. We want to honor them as real heroines. The concept is similar- portraits with something in the frame that says “pandemic”- could be wearing a mask, or hanging masks out on a clothesline, or facing family through a window… you’re the creator, we’ll do the casting and provide volunteers to help with whatever you determine you’ll need such as make up, art, location, etc. You will be able to use/sell your photos beyond our project, and you will get a gift certificate for dinner (at/or take out from)- a fine Alaskan restaurant. We are supported in part by the Alaska Run for Women so we’ll know we can make prints and have an exhibit at the end.

Contact us at PhotoProject2020@gmail.com