Susan Burnstine Workshop

There’s still room in Susan Burnstine’s photography workshop, ‘Defining the Personal Narrative,’ July 17-19:  Photographic images are deeply rooted in personal emotion. This is the case whether they are found or created, regardless of genre—be it landscape, still life, portraiture, nature, abstraction, photojournalism, self-portrait, or documentary. As photographers we strive to convey our vision in a true, honest, and consistent manner, establishing an emotional connection with each image we create.
Through practical demonstrations and creative exercises, participants will learn how to articulate and refine their vision by delving into symbolism, metaphor, and personal stories. In the process, we examine our own personal narratives, aesthetics, and psychology in image making. Through hands-on demonstrations, creative exercises, group discussions, photographing assignments, and portfolio reviews, we are encouraged and inspired to grow and reach the next level of our artistic achievement. We also discuss such practical topics as long-term project development, portfolio editing, marketing, publishing, and exhibitions.

If you haven’t already done so, fill out a form and send it with a check as soon as possible.  The form can be found in this year’s Call for Entries for Rarefied Light: