Rarefied Light 2020 Workshop

July 10, 2020 @ 5:30 pm – July 12, 2020 @ 5:00 pm
Rarefied Light 2020 Workshop

The Expressive Photographic Print 

with Eddie Soloway

A beautiful print is the ultimate expression for our photographic images. We are surrounded by lots of information on how to use digital software, but a vital first step in the printmaking process is exploring the emotional response you are hoping to achieve, and then knowing which tools to use to make that expression. Are you hoping to create a contemplative, quiet response? An energetic, bold statement? The journey starts when the image is visualized in your mind—in the field—followed by how the image is exposed, and then, with a good digital “negative”, the artist reaches for the proper digital darkroom techniques to bring his or her vision into a finished piece of beauty.

Our days will focus on these important skills:

• Interpreting an image – Leading by emotions, following with technique
• Developing Print Eyes – The ability to look at a print, know what direction to take it, and what skills to use in getting there.
• Understanding color
• Digital Darkroom – Set up, computers, monitors, printers, software
• Color calibration
• Integrity of the digital file or film scan (Quality out requires quality in.)
• Global adjustments in exposure, color, and contrast
• Working locally
• Developing an eye for nuance
• Sharpening
• Printing in black and white
• Making the print—printer settings, color RIPs, papers
• Print finishing, matting, framing

This workshop will not be printing finished files, but will be teaching the steps necessary for making expressive, and beautiful prints.

Prerequisite: Participants would need to bring their own laptop with current versions of at least Lightroom, and preferably also Photoshop. You do not need to be experts, but need to be using the software, and know your way around the basics. A more complete list and letter detailing how to get ready, and what to bring, will be sent to each participant through APC.

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